At The Pewter Club Barber Spa, pride is our middle name. From the moment you walk in our doors, we take great pride in ensuring you are looking and feeling better than ever, from the inside out. This fundamental core value is at the root of everything we do, including with the formulation of our signature line of products.
 Our product line, which includes every day essentials ranging from shampoos and conditioners, to serums and shave care, has been personally formulated by The Pewter Club Barber Spa’s Owner and Head Barber, Walter Iniguez, alongside a team of professional manufacturers in the natural body care space. Each and every product includes 100% natural ingredients, with no added chemicals or parabens.
With the evolution of technology and science, mass manufacturers have turned to the use of dangerous sulfates, plastics, parabens, silicone and more, to ensure a lasting shelf life for their products. When investing in The Pewter Club Barber Spa’s signature product line, you are investing in yourself, by ensuring you are only exposing your body to non-toxic, natural and organic ingredients, ranging from essential oils, herbs, minerals, and more. Our product formulations provide your skin and hair with the nutrients it needs, and none of the unnatural chemicals.
All of our products have been tested for quality and effectiveness, to ensure we are producing the healthiest, high-performing skin care product line on the market. Give our products a try and see for yourself what makes our products different from the rest. 

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